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Babalik Ka Rin

Composer: De Guzman, Constancio
Lyricist: Constancio De Guzman
Performer: Leo Valdez
Album: Parangal kay Constancio C. De Guzman
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Key / Mode: D minor
Genre: Songs of Love and Courtship
Form: Danza
Historical Period: American Period
Date of Composition: 1930
About the Song: A person's sorrow in losing a beloved is expressed in this song through a bird unable to fly after a long and unsuccessful search for its nest. However, the end of the song puts across the hope that the beloved will come back. Allegedly sung by bodabil performers during the Japanese Occupation in allusion to Gen. Douglas MacArthur's promise ("I shall return") and to strengthen the people's faith in freedom. (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, vol. 6, p. 225)