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Sa Ugoy ng Duyan


Composer: San Pedro, Lucio
Lyricist: Levi Celerio
Arranger: Redentor Romero
Performer: Irma Potenciano (Soprano) and The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Redentor Romero
Album: Iniibig Kita: I Love You Philippine Style
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Key / Mode: F major
Genre: Lullaby (Uyayi)
Form: Kundiman
Historical Period: American Period
Date of Composition: 1943
Movie Scoring: Used as the theme song of the 1976 movie "Sakada" which was directed by Behn Cervantes
About the Song: Based on the melody used by Lucio San Pedro's mother to lull her children to sleep. He dedicated this lullabye to his mother. (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, v. 6, p. 269)