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Nasaan Ka Irog?


Composer: Abelardo, Nicanor
Lyricist: Jose Corazon De Jesus
Performer: Aurelio Estanislao
Album: Ala Ala
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Key / Mode: F minor - F major
Genre: Songs of Love and Courtship
Form: Kundiman
Historical Period: American Period
Date of Composition: 1923
Movie Scoring: Inspired the making of the 1936 movie "Nasaan Ka Irog," starring Rosario Moreno and Ely Ramos, with Elsa Oria singing the title song.
About the Song: This song is inspired by the real life story of Nicanor Abelardo's childhood friend, Dr. Francisco Tecson (to whom this song is dedicated). It portrays "a cruelly thwarted love" between an impoverished maiden and the heir of a wealthy family. "It expresses acute futility, frustration, helplessness, and lingering sadness with profuse harmony and characteristic markings such as pesante and doloroso." Abelardo was also inspired by the dreams and aspirations evoked by the kundiman that he transposed in the song the cry of a broken love, which eventually made the song a theme for empty dreams and forsaken loves. (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, vol. 6, p. 258)