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Philippine National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang)

Composer: Felipe, Julian
Lyricist: Jose Palma
Arranger: Antonino Ramirez Buenaventura
Performer: Malabon Band No. 4
Conductor: Felix De Leon
Album: Philippine National Anthem / Philippines My Philippines [Single]

Cut One: Instrumental
Cut Two: With vocal

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Key / Mode: F major
Genre: Songs of Nationhood / Patriotic Songs
Form: Martsa
Historical Period: Spanish Period
Date of Composition: 1898
Premiere Performance: First performed by Banda San Francisco de Malabon in Kawit, Cavite, on the occasion of the declaration of Philippine independence on June 12, 1898
About the Song: This has its origins from Julian Felipe's "Marcha Filipina Nacional" and is also known as the "Marcha Filipino Magdalo." It was commissioned by Emilio Aguinaldo, who liked Felipe's work, and together with some leaders of the 1896 Revolution, suggested that it be officially declared as the Philippine national anthem. Some scholars say that the song was influenced by the Spanish and French national anthems. The words of Jose Palma's "Filipinas, Letra Para La Marcha Nacional" published on September 3, 1899 was used as lyrics for the national anthem. In 1943, the Institute of National Language was ordered by the late President Jose P. Laurel to translate the original Spanish text into Filipino and English. But a more spontaneous and apt translation was produced by a committee formed by the Department of Education thirteen years later. This was entitled "Lupang Hinirang." (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, vol. 6, p. 238-239)