Julio Garcia Nakpil

Julio Nakpil was the son of Juan Nakpil Luna, a jeweller, flutist, composer, and orchestra member in the district of Quiapo. Nakpil took violin lessons from Maestro Ramon Valdez for a few months, and then studied by himself. He was a piano student of his cousin, Manuel Mata, for 10 months. For two years, he was a student at the Escuela de Instruccion Primaria in Quiapo. Nakpil won a diploma of honor at the Exposición Regional Filipina in 1895, a bronze medal in the 1902 Exposition of Hanoi, a silver medal in the 1904 International Exposition of St. Louis, USA, and a posthumous Bonifacio Centennial Commission Award. He was tasked by Bonifacio to write the lyrics and music of what was intended to become the national anthem of the Philippines entitled “Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan.”